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A trademark is a unique symbol or word(s) that is used to identify a company or its products. It's a sort of intellectual property that consists of a recognisable symbol, logo, word, or words that characterise or represent the business or products and legally distinguishes them from similar things.
Trademarks are defined by section 2(ZB) of the Trade Mark Act 1999 as "a mark capable of being graphically portrayed and capable of identifying one person's products or services from those of others, which may include product shape, packaging, and colour combinations."
The registration gives you the legal right to sue anyone who tries to imitate your trademark. No one else is allowed to use a trademark that is identical to another person's registered trademark. You'll use a "R" sign for it until you submit a trademark, and it'll be valid for up to 10 years after that. A TM can be obtained in as little as three days. However, getting Permission can take up to two years.
Benefits of Trade Mark
1. Give brands recognition
2. Attract customers
3. Provide legal Protection
4. Intangible property

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